Atlanta Car Accident FAQs

Skyline of downtown Atlanta, Georgia.Car accidents are some of the most common causes of personal injuries in Atlanta and across the United States. Each year, this country has an average of over 10 million motor vehicle accidents, which result in two million injuries and 30,000 deaths. Many of these accidents are caused by careless drivers, distracted driving, driving while intoxicated, inattention, or reckless driving. However, no matter what has caused your car accident, if it was due to the negligence of another individual, you deserve financial compensation for your medical bills, time off work, and pain and suffering. It is important that you promptly speak with an experienced and knowledgeable Atlanta personal injury attorney who can explain your rights to you and can work to obtain compensation for all that you have lost due to these unforeseen circumstances.

At The Champion Firm, P.C., our team has the experience, knowledge, and resources to help you get the best possible result following this type of accident. Atlanta car accident attorney, Darl Champion, has significant experience successfully representing people who have been injured or lost loved ones in a variety of accidents throughout Atlanta and Georgia. If you have been injured in a Atlanta car accident, you can rest assured that we have successfully handled cases just like yours before. We can put our knowledge and experience to work for you to track down all parties that may be responsible for your injuries and all sources of insurance that can be used to pay for your damages. You can read about some of our past case results and client testimonials by clicking here.

There Are Many Different Types Of Atlanta Car Accidents

Even if you believe that you are taking every precautionary action while on the road, you can never fully predict other drivers’ behavior. Even the smallest fender bender can result in many financial damages. During these small types of accidents, it may appear initially as if no one has been injured. This does not mean that you do not need to contact an attorney. Oftentimes, injuries and conditions will appear after some time has passed. Without having sought legal guidance, you may feel as if you have nowhere to turn. With an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney like Darl Champion on your side, you can feel confident moving forward, no matter how serious your accident was. If you have a case, we will help you navigate it.

Unfortunately, some car accidents are so serious that they result in fatality of the driver, passengers, or pedestrians. In this case, you may be entitled to compensation through an Atlanta wrongful death claim. The team at The Champion Firm, P.C., can help guide, support, and represent you throughout this process as well.

If you have been injured in a car accident, the recovery time may require you to take time off of work. For many, this can create a huge financial burden on top of what you are most likely already facing with medical bills and property damage. Many people think that they may only be able to receive compensation for the money that they have currently lost or spent. However, if your accident will cause you to miss a lot of work in the future, you may be eligible to receive compensation for future lost wages. This can be very difficult to prove, but with the right attorney on your side, you can feel as if you are receiving all of the compensation and aid that you deserve.

Depending on your auto insurance carrier, there are several steps you’ll need to take. Click on the link of your insurance provider to find out your next steps:

The Most Important Step Following an Atlanta Car Accident Is Finding The Right Legal Guidance

The Champion Firm, P.C., takes great pride in working hard to thoroughly investigate and prepare every accident case. Unlike some law firms, we don’t use a one-size fits all approach. Instead, we will give your case the personal attention it deserves and will fight as hard and as long as it takes to get you the maximum amount you are entitled to receive. If the insurance company does not offer a fair settlement, we are willing and able to go to court and take your case to trial.

If you or a loved one was involved in a Atlanta car accident, call The Champion Firm, P.C., for a free, no-obligation consultation with an experienced Atlanta accident attorney.