How Much Will it Cost Me to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Georgia?

A lot of clients who come to us are concerned about whether they can afford to hire a personal injury attorney. Our clients don’t have any upfront costs or any out-of-pocket expenses whatsoever.

Our fees are calculated on a percentage of the money we ultimately get for you. If we don’t get you any money, you don’t owe us any money.

There’s also going to be out-of-pocket expenses associated with pursuing a case. We’ll have to pay for medical records. We’ll have to pay for filing fees if the case goes to court. There may be travel expenses if we have to fly out of state to depose a witness or something. Those costs are all paid upfront by us. If we get you money, we get that back.

If we don’t get you any money, you do not have to pay us back for that, and so you have no out-of-pocket expenses and no upfront costs.