Should I File a Lawsuit in Georgia? Is It Worth It?

A lot of people come to us who are a little bit apprehensive about contacting a personal injury attorney. They often say, “Well, I’m not the type of person to sue,” or “I don’t want to get rich off this accident.”

I try and put their mind at ease and make sure that they know it’s not about taking advantage of anybody. It’s about making sure that they’re properly compensated, and that they’re made whole for what’s happened to them. The law says that if you are injured because of somebody else’s negligence, you’re entitled to compensation for things like your medical bills, for any missed time from work. You’re entitled to lost wages, and you’re entitled to pain and suffering as well.

What we strive to do is to protect our client’s legal rights, and to make sure that they are adequately compensated and not taken advantage of. We make that process as smooth as possible by pursuing the case aggressively. Keeping the client updated so that it doesn’t drag on for years, and it’s not a huge inconvenience for the client in their life.