What can I expect if we have to file a lawsuit in my Georgia case?

A lot of clients ask me, “What’s involved in a lawsuit?” The lawsuit process can be lengthy. It can take, sometimes, months or years.

What initiates the lawsuit process is the filing of the complaint. That’s where the plaintiff files it in court. Then the defendant has a period of time to file an answer where they either admit or deny the allegations, and they’ll assert certain defenses.

At that point, we’ll engage in what’s called “discovery” where both sides will exchange written questions. They’ll also request documents from each other. They’ll also do depositions where the witnesses and parties will give statements under oath about what happened, while an attorney questions them.

At any point in that process, the case could settle, but it may not settle. If it doesn’t settle, then the case will proceed to a jury trial where both sides will present evidence and ask a jury to return a verdict in their favor.