What insurance applies in a Georgia pedestrian accident?

Many people are unaware of the various sources of insurance coverage that may apply in a Georgia pedestrian accident. Because of the serious injuries that can result from this type of accident, it is important to identify all the coverages that may apply. Here are the three most common sources of insurance for a Georgia pedestrian accident.

  1. Liability Coverage: There should be a liability policy for the car the at-fault driver was operating at the time of the accident. If the driver is a non-owner of that vehicle, then there may be additional coverage that applies to the driver. For example, the driver may have their own insurance policy that covers them while driving the car they were in at the time of the collision. It is also important to determine whether the driver was working at the time because employers are liable for any negligent acts that their employees commit in the course and scope of their employment.
  2. Uninsured motorist (“UM”) Coverage: If the driver that caused the accident has no insurance or not enough insurance to pay all of the pedestrian’s damages, then the pedestrian may be entitled to UM coverage. Virtually all insurance policies require that you provide the insurer with notice of the accident as soon as possible. If you fail to provide timely notice, then the insurer can deny coverage. This is why it is important to notify all companies that may provide UM coverage as soon as possible after an accident. In addition to the pedestrian’s own car insurance policy, there may be additional UM policies that apply as well. For example, accident victims can also seek coverage under UM coverage belonging to any resident relatives.
  3. Medical Payments Coverage: Med pay, as it commonly referred to, is a type of insurance coverage on your auto insurance policy that can be used to pay medical bills for you and anyone in your car at the time of an accident. It may also apply even if you are not in a vehicle at the time of the accident. If med pay does apply, then it can be a valuable source of medical benefits, especially if there is a limited amount of other insurance available or if the injured person does not have health insurance.

Collisions between cars and pedestrians can have serious, and potentially deadly, consequences. Identifying all of the source of insurance that may apply is an important first step in the case and requires the assistance of an experienced auto injury attorney.

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