Georgia Face, Eyes and Teeth Injury Attorneys

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Eye, mouth and facial injuries can be truly traumatic, resulting in permanent disability and even lifelong disfigurement. These sorts of injuries can require lengthy and expensive treatments from medical specialists to treat. Many people who suffer such injuries in an accident or through the other negligence of another know they deserve compensation, but are unsure how to go about getting it. Learn about the potential complications from injuries to the eyes, teeth and face, and how a Georgia personal injury attorney can help.

Maxillofacial Trauma Injury Lawyers

The medical term for an eye, face or teeth injury is “maxillofacial trauma”. There are a broad range of potential causes of trauma to the face. These include:

There are three potential classifications for facial injuries: soft tissue injuries which affect the skin, musculature and gums; bone injuries such as fractures, cracks or breaks; and special injuries affecting areas like the eyes, nerves or glands.

Georgia Soft Tissue Injury Lawyers

Soft tissue injuries are usually repaired via sutures, more commonly called stitches. Doctors take great care in treating these injuries to provide the best chance of healing, but very often sutures leave scars which can be permanent.

Bone Injury Lawyers in Georgia

Bone injuries are treated based on location, severity, and the patient’s age and health. A cast can’t be placed on the face, so often patients will have their jaws wired shut or other means of stabilizing the bones to heal. This can result in permanent problems with mobility and even scarring.

Georgia Special Injuries Lawyers

Special injuries such as those to the teeth can require oral surgery or dental reconstruction like bridges, crowns and dental implants. If properly saved, the tooth may be re-implanted.

By the Numbers: Georgia Injury Lawyers

Almost three million patients suffer maxillofacial injuries every year, with violence accounting for half of these in adults, auto accidents for 29% and sports accidents for a another 11%. Among children, about 47% of injuries result from falls, often during play. Only about 2% of children suffer such injuries from sports, while sadly, about 10% of children’s facial injuries result from abuse by parents or guardians.

Georgia Personal Injury Attorney

When you are injured in an accident or through the negligence or deliberate actions of another, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. This compensation could include medical bills, recovery, permanent impairment, bodily disfigurement, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, loss of income and more. Obtaining this compensation, however, requires experienced and qualified legal assistance.

Insurance companies will often try to strong-arm, bully or otherwise convince victims to accept lowball offers or sign away their rights. A qualified Georgia personal injury attorney knows how to challenge these tactics, fight for their clients’ rights, and get the full compensation an injured party deserves.

If you find yourself with an injury and someone else is at fault, don’t sign anything and don’t go it alone. Contact The Champion Firm, P.C. Personal Injury Attorneys for an evaluation of your case today.