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Sometimes the aftermath of a Georgia car accident can be more devastating than the accident itself. Victims who are left scarred or disfigured face a particularly difficult life, one where they may suffer ridicule or be ostracized simply because they no longer look the same as the people around them. Scarring victims also often suffer from an alteration in their own self-perception. The psychological impacts of serious scarring can be substantial, leading to anxiety, depression and other mental anguish that may never fully go away.

Scarring After An Accident Attorneys

At The Champion Firm, P.C., we understand how hard it can be to find yourself or a loved one scarred after an accident. Our firm has worked with numerous accident victims to pursue compensation after an accident, and we have seen how damaging scarring and other disfigurement can be for our clients. If your scarring is the result of an accident that was not your fault, we want you to know that you do have legal options. We may be able to help you pursue a successful personal injury case and hold the responsible party accountable for what happened.

Scar Attorneys Know Injuries Which Can Cause Scarring

There are a wide range of injuries that can cause enough damage to your skin to result in scarring. Some of these injuries include:

  • chemical burns
  • compound fractures
  • severe cuts
  • road rash
  • surgery

Scarring is so prevalent in personal injury cases because the kinds of accidents that result in personal injury cases are often traumatic. Our firm works with clients who have been hurt in car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, workplace accidents, dog bite victims, medical malpractice, premises liability accidents (like slipping and falling) and more. Each of these accidents can lead to broken bones, deep lacerations and cuts, burns and other injuries – all of which can cause scarring.

Scar Attorneys Know How Difficult It Is To Minimize Scarring

If your injury is significant, some scarring may be unavoidable. Scarring is your body’s natural response to an injury, a response designed to heal wounds – so you may have to accept a certain amount of scarring, depending on the injury. However, with proper wound care it is often possible to minimize the scarring that occurs.

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends six tips for minimizing scarring, including:

  • Keep the wound clean using mild soap and water
  • Keep the wound moist using petroleum jelly
  • Cover the wound with an adhesive bandage after cleaning and applying the petroleum jelly
  • Change the bandage daily
  • If you get stitches, be sure to follow the doctor’s orders
  • Use sunscreen on the wound to prevent discoloration.

Scar Attorneys: Can Scars be Treated?

There are a variety of treatments available to reduce or eliminate existing scars. You can get over-the-counter treatments that may help, or you can seek prescription treatments from your doctor. For scars that protrude from the body, steroid injections may be beneficial. Talking to a dermatologist is recommended to ensure you get the right treatment. Surgery is also an option for more significant scarring.

What if there is Severe Scarring? Call a Scar Attorney

Although there are a variety of treatments available to treat scarring, the fact is that certain injuries produce such significant scarring that treatment may not be effective. Plastic surgery may be an option, but it is expensive. And even plastic surgery may not be able to return your body to the way it was before the accident.

If you have experienced significant scarring because of an accident caused by another party, your best option may be to pursue a lawsuit against the person or organization that caused the accident. Winning a lawsuit can give you the financial resources necessary to pursue the treatment you need. If treatment is not an option, the damages you collect will allow you to move on with your life – even if you cannot work the way you once did.

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