Our Library of Articles About Common Injuries

At the Champion Firm, our legal team is committed to providing clients with information to help them understand their rights after a serious accident injury. This collection of library articles provides important resources for accident victims who are looking for information about specific accident injuries and wondering how a personal injury attorney can help them recover for their medical bills, lost time at work, and other damages.

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  • What is a Traumatic Brain Injury? Traumatic brain injury can have long term effects that stay with you your entire life. Learn to spot the signs.
  • Georgia Scarring Attorneys Victims who are left scarred or disfigured face a particularly difficult life, one where they may suffer ridicule or be ostracized simply because they no longer look the same as the people around them.
  • Face, Eyes and Teeth Injuries Injuries to the eye, mouth, and face can leave permanent scars, on going health complications, and life-long disfigurements.
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome If you have been injured in any sort of accident, there are a number of different things that you could be suffering from, some more common than others.
  • Burn Injuries Burn injuries are both painful and disfiguring. Even with the best available treatment, you may not recover from a burn completely.
  • Back and Spine Injuries When it comes to movement and functionality, the spine is one of the most important parts of the body.
  • Arm, Leg, Knee and Foot Injuries Although the extremities don't contain any vital organs, they are still an essential part of the body.