Design Defects and Product Liability

A design defect case is a type of product liability claim where the design of the product itself is alleged to be unreasonably dangerous.In this type of case, a product can be considered defective, even if it was made as it was intended to be made. All product liability cases are difficult, but design defect cases are particularly difficult because the manufacturer’s design decisions are being challenged. As with all product liability cases, design defect cases require a skilled product liability attorney to investigate and pursue them.

You should consult with an experienced product liability attorney as soon as possible if you believe you may have a product liability claim.There are additional time limits that govern the filing of product liability claims. It is also important to have an attorney to investigate the incident as soon as possible so evidence can be preserved.

Darl Champion of The Champion Firm, P.C. has experience handling design defect cases involving a variety of products. We have handled design defect cases in state and federal courts throughout Georgia and have obtained excellent results for our clients. If you or someone you know has been injured by a defectively designed product, they should call The Champion Firm, P.C. at 404-596-8044 for a free consultation with an experienced Atlanta product liability attorney.