As top-rated Georgia Personal Injury Attorneys, we’ve paid out millions to referring Attorneys for our settlements and work with firms all over the United States.

We now have over $60 million in settlements for our Georgia Personal Injury clients and over six million paid out to referring lawyers. If you are an attorney who’s come to this page, you may be looking to refer a Personal Injury case to an attorney who not only routinely handles them but isn’t afraid to go to court for their client if needed.

A Unique Approach to Personal Injury

Here at The Champion Firm, we like to say we are a client-focused practice. What does that mean?

✔️ Our clients work directly with our attorneys and paralegals on a one-on-one basis.
✔️ We communicate case updates quickly and frequently and are ALWAYS here to answer question by phone, text or email.
✔️ Our clients are like family! They come to us usually at a very difficult time in their life and we work (often) seven days a week to make sure they are getting the best care and compensation possible.
✔️ Being a smaller, boutique firm means that Personal Injury is all we do, all the time.

The Champion Firm Attorney Referral Partner System

  • Monthly updates on the case.
  • Notice of important events, such as the date of the mediation and the trial date.
  • Behind the scenes information on settlement negotiation and the value of the case.
  • State-of-the-art online referral system tracking.

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