“We would definitely recommend contacting him with your concerns!”

Do not let big law firms let you down! A New York law firm we contacted advised us that we had a case and that they would file it within 2 years. One year later we contacted them for a status update only for them to advise us they now were not able to file . When there it is a statue of limitation time is of the essence! Now we have burnt a year of our available time. And may or may not be able to file a our case. We contacted another large firm and gave them our information stating we were worried about the statue of limitations. One week later followed up with them they had not looked at it yet. Gave them some more time in which we received no call back from them. When we contact them they said they were not interested in the case. You would think they would have least emailed us letting us know they reviewed the case and had decided not to take it so I would know to move on! Do not count on these large firms will act in your best interest! Even though Darl Champion is not able to assist me with my case. He had the common decency to answer my questions and give me referral within a couple days of my inquiry. We would definitely recommend contacting him with your concerns!