Meet Angelica

Meet Angelica Romero

My name is Angelica Romero and I am a paralegal at The Champion Firm. I was born in New Jersey and I moved shortly after to Georgia so I was mainly raised here. Spent a lot of time here and graduated from Allatoona High School and I am currently still in college working on my bachelors degree in Psychology. The job of the paralegal is to help the attorneys on day to day aspects of the firm. Interacting with clients, taking phone calls, managing paper work, and making sure things run as smoothly as possible. What I love most about my job is dealing with clients and making sure that they are taken care of. Often when clients are in auto accidents or other personal injury cases they can be in very stressful situations. So when I deal with them I know that I am helping them get through some difficult times. My typical day can range from taking phone calls, managing emails, speaking with insurance companies, and making sure things are going smoothly so the client is happy when they leave. Success in my job is knowing that the person is happy with the end result and are able to move forward with their life. For fun I love to exercise, hike, play with my dogs, and relax at home.