Brain Injuries

One of the most difficult things about a brain injury case is that a lot of times our clients will look normal on the outside and one of the most difficult things is explaining how this injury has effected them and explaining how the brain works and showing the defense, insurance companies and the jury that even though they might look normal on the outside, they are different on the inside. Their brain is different, their brain has changed. There is a number of ways to do that, and to really do that well you have to understand who that person is, you have to understand who they were before, and who they are now. You can find that our by talking to family memebers, friends, coworkers, to really get a full picture on how the injury has affected them. Another problem very similar to the first one I just mentioned is alot of times people with a brain injury don't have something you can see on a CT scan or an MRI. If somebody goes out and breaks their bone, you can show an x-ray and see the broken bone. If we have clients that have a brain injury, sometimes we don't have that. We can't put up an imagining film to show where the neurons were damaged or demonstrate where the imparied function is in the brain. A lot of these cases come down to telling the story and the credibility of the person who was injured.