Meet Janis Stevenson

My name is Janis Stevenson and I am a personal injury paralegal. I was born in Bufaflo, New York, where I lived in the suburbs until I was in 7th grade then we moved to God's country, middle of nowhere, flashing stop light, etc. Went to a small private liberal arts college in Ohio called Hiram College just ooutside of Cleveland. Then my parents moved to Texas so I went there for a little while. My college roomate was in Georgia so that's how I end up here. I did not like Texas. I started working for AIG in the airplane insurance claims department which is where I found that I like litigation, so I went to paralegal school at the Nation Center. I ended up getting a job right before I mailed out 500 resumes. I then started working as a personal injury paralegal and I've been doing that since 1989. 

I like to help people navigate litigation and insurance companies who can be very daunting and aggressive. They can also give you false information and take advantage of you. We also help clients by getting them the right medical treatment. Sometimes people just don't know the right question to ask. At the end of the day, I enjoy meeting our clients and taking their case through litigation to whereever it ends. It's always great when they are happy with the result, whihc they usually are. For fun, I have 2 amazing children that are now 15 and 12 who take up a lot of my time. But if I do have spare time I'm usually making fairy houses and fairy gardens and other similar crafts.