Meet Katie Pannell

My name is Katie Pannell and I am a litigation paralegal here at the Champion Firm. I grew up here in Vinings where I attended Woodward Academy and graduated in 1999. Went off to college at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina. I eventaully transferred to Charleston where my brother was also studying. I wanted to try out surfing since I had been in the mountains for so long. This where I met my husband and also had a baby. We then moved back home to Atlanta. Both of my parents are attorneys and I've always like being around law firms. If anyone knows more about the client outside of the attorney, it's the paralegal. 

I've always been a plaintiff paralegal. Previously I have been a bankrupcy paralegal for 5 years and 3 years of prelitigation at a personal injury law firm. I switched into the litigation side of things when I decided I wanted to get more involved in that branch of law. I love filing suits and being the behind the scenes person for the attorneys. It's a great feeling when you take a case and start getting offers and settlements. 

I like to hang out with me kids and my husband. We like music festivals, playing soccer, and being outside.