Understanding Dog Bite Cases

Georgia Dog Bite Cases

We have represented clients who have been involved in a variety of animal attacks and dog bite cases unfortunately are fairly common. There are a couple of things to keep in mind with a dog bite case. The first is what is the standard for determining liability. There’s a common perception among the public about what is called the “first bite rule”. So if the dog hasn’t bitten somebody yet, it basically gets a freebie. There are exceptions to that and if you can show that the dog had some sort of aggressive nature that the owner knew about before and didn’t take steps to adequately secure the dog or adequately warn the other person about the aggressive nature of the dog or if you can show that the owner violated a leash law (a lot of local ordinances have leash laws, counties have them too) and so if you can determine that a leash law was violated, you may be able to pursue a claim as well.

Once you get past that hurdle of showing who was at fault, you’ve got to find insurance. A lot of dog owners will have exclusions in their homeowner’s insurance policy that say anything related to the owner’s dog is not covered. So if the dog bites somebody, there’s no coverage. It’s important to make sure that the person representing a dog bite victim takes a look at all of the available sources of insurance that might be available.

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