Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth 3 Times The Cost of My Medical Bills?

A common question we hear from clients who want to know what the value of their claim is, is whether their claim is worth three times their medical bills. This is a common belief that we have heard from clients, but there really is no such thing as a special formula or calculator for determining the value of a claim. And to state that a claim is worth three times the medical bills really ignores a lot of the different factors that go into determining claim value. There's so many different factors that include: the venue where the case might be pending, whether there's any aggravating facts associated with the defendant's conduct, what was the nature of the treatment, what's the prognosis for the injuries. For example: has the injured party recovered fully, are they going to need ongoing medical care, are there future medical bills in order, did they miss any work, what are their lost wages, are there future lost wages, is there any permanent disfigurement or scarring? Because of all the different factors that go into evaluating a claim and determining what it's worth, it would be impossible to create a universal rule that says "all personal injury claims are worth three times their medical bills." In our law firm, we don't use a 'one-size-fits-all' approach and we don't put claims into a box. We look at every case independently and evaluate it and determine what the value of the claim is based on all the relevant factors.