Spine, Back, and Neck Injuries

Spinal Injuries

One of the most complex things about spine injury cases is a lot of people have had back or neck issues at some point in their life. Maybe it’s, you know, they wake up with a stiff neck, or a stiff back. Maybe they throw their back out in the yard or playing sports. Maybe they’ve had a prior car accident and they’ve gotten some chiropractic treatment. Back and neck injury cases can be very difficult just because of that. Another reason why they’re so difficult is because it’s difficult to show what exactly you might see on an MRI to show whether that’s related to this specific accident or whether it was preexisting. Or maybe it was preexisting but this accident aggravated it and made it worse, and that may be recoverable. One of the best ways to show an insurance company, to show a defense attorney, to show a jury, that somebody’s back or neck injury is related to this incident, is to support it with as much facts as possible to get out there and talk to the friends and the family members and the coworkers who can talk about how they were before. Maybe they didn’t have any problems at all with their back or neck, maybe they had a prior back or neck issue but it wasn’t as bad and now it’s worse. So really being able to explain that and to show the other side that story is important to proving any case involving a back or neck injury.