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Janis Stevensen

Janis Stevenson serves as a paralegal at The Champion Firm, P.C.

As much as she loves her job, her true passion lies in helping people who are in need. She didn’t always have dreams of being in the legal profession, but a conversation with a stranger in an elevator made her realize that she was drawn to the idea of standing up for people who needed help.

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Through this step into the legal industry, Janis found her passion through educating individuals about the greed of big businesses, helping those being taken advantage of and the importance of the 7th Amendment.

Although this passion is what fuels her most of the week, Janis also deeply cares about education, green space, local politics, and her community. She was an officer of the civic association in her community for over ten years and chairs the Secret Santa program at the local Boys & Girls Club. Janis actively participates in school councils and foundations. She is a staunch believer in public education, a proud tree hugger, a yellow dog democrat, and all-around animal lover, with a black pug named Max, a french bulldog named Spanky and Ozzie and Cricket, a pair of feral brother kitty cats.

Outside of work, Janis can be found around the house (she is a self-proclaimed homebody) listening to music, reading her favorite book of all time, The Secret History by Donna Tartt, or whatever her book club is reading, or gardening. She loves comedy of all sorts – stand up, movies, sitcoms, youtube. She has a small business, a faerie affaire, making one-of-kind faerie furniture, homes and gardens, which she sells at the occasional festival and on Etsy. Most of the time, she spends as much time as possible with her teenaged daughters, which can include shopping or watching a movie, but is mostly chauffeuring them here, there and everywhere, staying on top of their schoolwork, trying to remain sane amidst middle school drama and high school angst, oftentimes while being demonized for merely breathing and not knowing the names of all the Kardashians.

Janis grew up in western New York but has been in the south longer than anywhere else. She graduated from Hiram College, a small liberal arts college in Ohio, with a Bachelor of Arts in biology and a minor in writing. A year later, she left the snow and cold behind and moved to Atlanta. While working for AIG in the claims department, she attended the National Center of Paralegal Training and graduated with honors. As soon as the ink was dry on a ream of her resumes, she was hired by a small law firm and has worked as a plaintiff personal injury paralegal ever since.

As a paralegal, she enjoys tracking down information on witnesses, companies, and accidents, making detailed medical summaries, and answering discovery. Navigating one’s way through the myriad of insurance issues and finding appropriate medical treatment is difficult for most people, and especially so when they are injured. At the end of the day, she likes knowing she spent her day helping every single person that walked through the door of The Champion Firm, P.C.

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  • Hiram College, Ohio, B.A.
  • National Center of Paralegal Training (Honors)

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Professional Affiliations

  • Georgia Trial Lawyers Association