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YouTube Internet Safety Infographic

YouTube Safety
for Children

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Did You Know?

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At least 13 percent of kids create and share online videos

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Most social networks allow users to limit video sharing features

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Many predators use the comments section on video sites to make inappropriate statements or link to disturbing content

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Videos shared by someone else may not be taken down unless they violate the site’s community rules

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Even videos that have been restricted to a user’s private circle of friends can still be shared

Tens of millions

The number of inappropriate comments YouTube has deleted (as of February 2019)

400 Channels

The number of channels YouTube has removed due to users writing predatory comments about minors

12 to 15 years old

Most common age of online exploitation


Most common target of online exploitation

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Be sure to tell your child:

  • Make sure safety modes are turned on when sharing a video on a public platform
  • Share with care ― if the content makes you feel nervous or uncomfortable, don’t share it
  • Don’t give in to dares — peer pressure is biggest reasons why many teens post suggestive videos online
  • Tell a trusted adult if an unknown person is trying to make contact

What parents can do:

  • Set family rules about Internet use and what content can be shared
  • Use parental controls to limit access to inappropriate materials
  • Limit your child from having personal social media accounts until you are confident that they will be responsible with online sharing
  • Report any disturbing behavior to law enforcement
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