Trampoline Park Accidents

We have seen a huge increase in the number of calls we get from people who have been injured at trampoline parks or whose children have been injured at trampoline parks. We’ve handled a number of those cases and have some going on right now. Unfortunately, trampoline parks aren’t very safe and the trampoline park industry tries to use statistics and inappropriate comparisons to other activities to say how safe they are. But people don’t realize just how dangerous they are. Some people think when they go to a trampoline park that as long as they aren’t doing anything crazy they will be fine, but we see clients who are just jumping on a trampoline normally who snap their legs in half or who snap their ankle. We had a client who almost lost her foot, and she was just jumping from trampoline to trampoline. People don’t understand just how dangerous these places are. A lot of attorneys won’t take trampoline park cases, because they’re not the easiest. Some law firms only want to take the low hanging fruits, cases that are going to be easy (they send a demand letter out and the case immediately settles). But that’s not how we operate. We like to take our cases and try to do all the investigating we can and all the research we can to prove our case. And that’s why we do take trampoline park cases. Obviously it depends on the facts. There are trampoline park cases we have turned down for one reason or another. If you were injured at a trampoline park it is important that you talk to an attorney because you need to know what your rights are. Just because you’ve signed a waiver, for example, doesn’t mean you are necessarily barred from bringing a claim. Talk to your attorney about it and let them review it. Let you attorney determine whether or not it is enforceable. Maybe there is an exception to the waiver for your particular scenario. If you were injured at a trampoline park, make sure you talk to an attorney.