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Case Results

  • $10,200,000

    The Champion Firm wins $10.2 Million for Victim of Serious DUI Crash

  • $2,060,000

    The Champion Firm Recovers $2,060,000 for Family of Man Killed in Rideshare Crash

  • $1,500,000

    The Champion Firm Helps Secure Largest Prison Settlement in Georgia in 10 Years

  • $1,375,000

    Rear-End Tractor-Trailer Wreck Results in Spine Surgery

  • $1,250,000

    Seven Figure Settlement for Client Injured in Bus Crash

  • $1,000,000

    Client Run Over By Tractor-Trailer Gets Full Policy Limits

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Client Stories

  • I was so lucky to have Darl Champion as my attorney. The whole lawsuit experience can be stressful and tedious and I’m horrible when it comes to returning phone calls but thankfully I had a great attorney like Darl to guide me thought it. He made sure to go the extra mile and take really good care of me. His paralegal Janice was amazing too. They were both really patient with me and provided excellent representation. I can’t thank them enough. I highly recommend Darl Champion. I don’t think you would ever find better.

    - Kelly

  • Darl Champion was introduced to us after the loss of my husband. I was overwhelmed with the insurances, court case, and all the paperwork. He came in and took over all of the stuff that I couldn’t handle. His work allowed me to focus on what I needed to (my children) and not worry about the things that were so complex and he fought for my family to receive the compensation we needed.

    He is an amazing and compassionate man, who will give his all to any case he takes on! I will never be able to repay everything he did for us, and I highly recommend him to everyone needing a lawyer!

    - Kimberly

  • Darl Champion was very helpful from the very beginning of my case to the end. He communicated all aspects of the case to me, and asked for my approval when moving forward with a decision. I was very appreciative that he gave me a ballpark price and was nearly accurate when the final amount for my settlement came down. I highly recommend the Champion Firm to anyone in need of a good lawyer.

    - Heather

  • Darl Champion will stay by your side through thick and thin. He is there no matter the question. He will have your best interest. He is awesome. I will recommend him to all our family and friends.

    - Paula

We fight for and serve injured Atlanta residents every day.

Personal injuries require a personal approach. No two cases and no two injuries, are the same. The injuries you sustained, and the challenges your injuries are causing, are unique to you.

At The Champion Firm, these beliefs are the foundation of our practice. We give each of our clients the individual attention they deserve. We don’t use a one-size fits all approach, and we don’t use formulas for evaluating our cases. As a smaller, boutique law firm, we are both responsive to our clients and proactive in our communications. Our clients are part of the process because our number one goal is to get them the best result possible, whether that means settling the case or going to trial.

Connect with us today to learn more about working with our experienced attorneys. Our office is located in Marietta, GA right off I-75 and we work with clients all over the Metro Atlanta area and Georgia.

Our personal injury law firm is guided by the following principles:

  • Personal attention. We believe that every single individual that walks through the door deserves to be treated with the same respect and care that we would want for ourselves.
  • Communication. Throughout your case, our firm keeps in communication with you, sharing information with you so that you will not be left in the dark.
  • Convenience. If clients are unable to come to the office, whether it be for medical, financial, or any other reason, we will meet them at their house, hospital or virtually through Zoom.
  • Results. No matter the circumstance, we are dedicated to providing superior service to every case that we take. We do what it takes to get the best outcome, even if that is not the easiest way to the finish line.


Car Accidents

Being hurt in an accident can disrupt your entire life. Whether your injuries are temporary or permanent, it’s likely that you’re facing time off work and a growing pile of medical bills. Damage to your vehicle may make it difficult for you to manage everyday tasks like getting to doctor’s appointments and taking the kids to school. That doesn’t give you a lot of time to focus on healing.

You probably have many questions and we can help! Our Atlanta car accident attorneys are recognized for our experience in holding reckless parties accountable for their negligence. We can take over all communications with the insurance company, collect the evidence needed to craft a strong and solid legal claim, and represent you during settlement negotiations or at trial. Click here to learn about OUR PROCESS.

We have successfully represented clients injured in all sorts of crashes, including drunk driving accidents, head-on collisions, Uber/Lyft accidents, distracted driving crashes, sideswipes, rear-end collisions, rollovers and more. Remember, you don’t pay any fees until we win.

Questions? Shoot us an email to get started.

Truck Accidents

Because truck drivers must receive specialized training to earn a commercial driver’s license, it stands to reason that they should be some of the safest drivers on Atlanta roadways. Unfortunately, that’s not always true. Thousands of people are killed or injured in large truck accidents every year.

Truck accidents frequently result in severe and catastrophic injuries. It’s easy to see why. Large trucks can weigh as much as five times more than the standard passenger car. That means that when an 18-wheeler hits a sedan, the 18-wheeler wins. The occupants of the other vehicle are most likely to suffer life-changing injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, internal organ damage and even death.

Truck accident cases are complex. Unlike your average two-car accident, liability in a commercial motor vehicle crash may not only fall upon the truck driver. The trucking company, truck owner, cargo loader, mechanics, parts manufacturers and other parties may share responsibility for the wreck.

In addition, the trucking industry is governed by strict federal regulations and state laws. If you or a family member has been injured, you need to find a dependable lawyer to fight for the full amount of compensation that you are owed from each and every negligent party.

Request a free consultation today!

Other Types of Personal Injury Claims

Bikers have the same rights as every other driver on the road and often suffer severe injuries when a crash occurs. If you were in a motorcycle accident and someone else is to blame, you could be entitled to compensation.

Common motorcycle accident injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Neck injuries and spinal cord injuries (paralysis)
  • Burns
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Road rash

Our dedicated attorneys can ensure that your case gets the full attention it needs and deserves. Call us today to learn more.

You should be able to walk down the road without worrying about your safety. If you’ve been hurt, put your case in the experienced hands of The Champion Firm, P.C.

Pedestrians have zero protection from the force of impact when a motor vehicle strikes them. For that reason, many pedestrians suffer from severe and potentially permanent injuries. These include:

  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord trauma
  • Broken bones
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Torn ligaments
  • Crush injuries
  • Burns
  • Road rash
  • Amputation

A serious injury is an urgent legal matter. To learn your legal rights, contact our Atlanta personal injury lawyers today.

Our battle-tested trial lawyers will make sure that those responsible for a bicycle crash are held accountable for their negligence.

There are many types of bicycle accidents, including:

  • Sideswipe accidents
  • Rear-end accidents
  • Dooring accidents
  • Struck by a vehicle turning right
  • Pedestrians or cars crossing in front of bike
  • Road defects
  • Cyclist error

Injured as a cyclist in the Cobb County area? Let our trusted legal team fight for the compensation that you are owed.

If an accident results in death, Georgia personal injury law allows certain family members and dependents of the deceased to recover compensation for their loss. If you recently suffered the unexpected loss of a relative, our compassionate wrongful death attorneys can take over responsibility of the legal matters so that you can grieve in peace.

You may be entitled to wrongful death compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Funeral and burial costs

You can count on us to handle your wrongful death claim with dignity and respect while making sure that justice is done.

Property owners are responsible for keeping their premises clear of all foreseeable hazards. Failure to do so is negligence. If you’ve been hurt, turn over your case to the knowledgeable injury attorneys at The Champion Firm, P.C.

A slip and fall accident can occur anywhere, including:

  • At work
  • At your home or apartment
  • At a friend’s house
  • In a parking lot
  • In a restaurant
  • In a shop
  • At the park
  • On a city sidewalk

When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve hired a law firm with the talent, motivation, and resources to give your injury claim the personalized and professional attention it deserves.

A dog bite can leave you with lasting physical and emotional injuries. If you or your child has been attacked by a dangerous dog, our tough trial lawyers will stand up for your rights to full and fair compensation.

Dog bites can cause intense pain and damage. Common injuries include:

  • Facial injuries
  • Puncture wounds
  • Abrasions
  • Lacerations
  • Crush injuries
  • Tissue avulsion
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Disfigurement
  • Post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD)

Choose a respected firm that you can trust to handle your dog bite claim. Choose The Champion Firm, P.C.

Everyone has the right to expect that their medical care will be provided by highly trained, qualified health care workers. When that trust is betrayed and you or a family member is injured, you may have a valid medical malpractice claim.

Common examples of medical malpractice include:

  • Failure to order or review medical tests
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Surgical errors
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Medication mistakes
  • Birth injuries

If you are a victim of medical negligence or lost someone due to malpractice, you need a lawyer who will do what it takes to obtain the most favorable outcome for your claim. Contact us today.

Every time you buy a product, you take a leap of faith. You trust that the retailer or manufacturer is selling you a product that is free of all safety hazards. But unfortunately, innocent people are killed or injured by dangerous and defective products every day.

Our skilled product liability attorneys won’t let product designers and manufacturers get away with putting a dangerous product on the market or failing to warn consumers of the possible dangers. Put The Champion Firm, P.C., to work for you.

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Our client was working as a gate agent for Delta Airlines at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport when she sustained a serious foot injury. She was exiting a shuttle bus that transported employees from the employee parking lot to various locations on airport property. The shuttle bus dropped her and other employees off at the lower level of the terminal. As she stepped off the bus, her left foot stepped in a rectangular hole in the roadway. This caused her to roll her ankle, resulting in an inversion injury.

Based on an extensive investigation, The Champion Firm team determined that the hole had been there for nearly two months before our client’s injury. The hole was created when a contractor that the City of Atlanta hired to do work in the area failed to properly repair the road surface when the work was completed. After our client’s injury, the City had the contractor promptly fix it. Unfortunately, that fix was too late for our client.

Read more about the case strategy via the link in our profile.

The City of Atlanta requested that we mediate the case to try to settle it without going to trial. Attorney Darl Champion prepared a detailed mediation presentation that outlined the facts and law related to the City’s liability and our client’s damages. After a lengthy mediation, the City agreed to pay our client $700,000 for her injuries.

Because our client was working at the time of her injury, she was also able to obtain workers’ compensation benefits from Delta. Georgia law prevents you from suing your employer if you get injured on the job because workers’ compensation benefits are the exclusive remedy for injured employees. However, Georgia law does allow an injured worker to sue third parties who cause an injury. As a result, The Champion Firm was able to pursue the claims against the City and obtain a settlement for the City’s negligence.

Another tower of new client boxes headed out in the mail today! 🤩 We are so so honored that so many people choose The Champion Firm to represent them during a difficult and challenging time in their life. #winwithchampion ...

We only share a fraction of our case results and client stories on social media (we settle an average of 2-5 cases a week💰). But The Champion Firm is a full-service personal injury law firm - that means we handle everything from $20,000 car accidents to $10 million medical malpractice cases to slip and fall and everything in between.

No case is too big or too small for us to take on. We want to help as many people as possible regardless of the monetary “value” of the case.

We recognize that every case is the “biggest” case in each one of our clients’ lives. That’s why we treat every case as a “big” case and treat every client like family.

So, if someone you know suffers any injury because of someone else’s negligence, please call, email, DM or text us. We are here to serve our local Marietta community, the metro Atlanta area and all of Georgia and offer free consultations.

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Our client was a passenger riding in a friends car in Laurens County, GA. The driver was going a high rate of speed, hydroplaned, and hit a tree resulting in a horrific car accident. Witnesses at the crash scene thought our client was dead. She had significant injuries including pelvic fractures and a bladder perforation tear, and medical bills exceeding $70,000.

While our client only got the $25,000 from the liability insurer’s policy, Attorney Morgyn Graber battled UM insurance to get all available under insured policies through our client’s father’s motorcycle insurance policy. The Champion team did a full analysis to show why our client needed the full limits and due to our understanding of the stackable policy laws, we were able to get her a settlement of $275,000.

When choosing a Personal Injury Attorney after an accident, it is vital you choose someone that understands stackable policies, uninsured motorist coverage and doesn't stop until they get the client the best possible result. #winwithchampion

We are here to help and serve the metro Atlanta area and all of Georgia. We will continue to pay generous referral fees to Attorneys consistent with the Rules of Professional Conduct. We offer free case consultations every day. 📱 Send us a message or click the link in our bio.

👉FAQ: How much does it cost to hire a personal injury attorney?

We hear this question a lot! In most personal injury cases, a lawyer's services are offered on a "contingency fee" basis, which means the lawyer's fees for representing the client will be deducted from the final personal injury settlement in the client's case. Typically a personal injury contingency fee ranges from 33% - 40% depending on the case.

The Champion Firm operates only by contingency fee. Our clients don’t have any upfront costs or any out-of-pocket expenses whatsoever. We cover all costs (medical records, filing fees etc) and then our fees are calculated on a percentage of the money we ultimately get for you.

If we don’t get you any money, you don’t owe us any money. Our team will review your case for free and are here to help and answer any questions you may have.


Our client was a young mother in her late twenties. As she was out driving on a Saturday night, a drunk driver driving on the wrong side of the road, crashed into our client in a head-on collision. Thankfully, our client came out of that collision alive with no broken bones, but she sustained neck pain and back pain. Her medical bills from the collision totaled just over $17,000.00. Attorney @mckay_esq and The Champion Firm team recovered a settlement of $85,000.00 (5x our client’s medical expenses) within six months of her car wreck.

See more case results via the link in our bio!

We ❤️ our clients! It is truly our honor to be able to serve them every day. Attorney Andrienne McKay and Paralegal Karen Slater handled this client's accident case, and as always, we appreciate the review. ...

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