Isiah Chavis

Isiah Chavis is a dedicated personal injury lawyer at The Champion Firm.

Born and raised in Louisiana, Isiah has always been drawn to storytelling, which he believes is an important skill attorneys should possess: “Everyone who comes to you has a story, where the climax is often their injuries or their loss. Attorneys are uniquely positioned to help make sure that their clients’ stories end with some level of relief from those injuries or losses. I’ve always wanted to be that storyteller that fights for the best ending possible.”

Isiah attended the University of Louisiana at Monroe, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in political science. He went on to earn his Juris Doctor at Mercer School of Law, where he was also a member of the Black Law Students’ Association, Phi Delta Phi (an honors society), and was the Mock Trial Chair for the Mercer Advocacy Council. Prior to law school, he also served as a Lieutenant Governor for Circle K International, a collegiate branch of the Kiwanis Club, and volunteered for three terms with AmeriCorps, where he helped at-risk students get back on track in their education.

Having been fortunate enough to experience several areas of law such as criminal defense, family law, and personal injury law, Isiah found personal injury cases to be the most unique and interesting legal sector: “It’s a fascinating combination of fact-based advocacy as well as nuanced legal concepts. Most importantly, however, helping those who are hurt has been, and will always be, my biggest motivating factor in choosing the personal injury practice area.”

In addition to training under great attorneys, Isiah’s passion and experience in personal injury law help him deliver exceptional results for his clients.

In his free time, Isiah enjoys experiencing the many diverse cultures and perspectives the Metro Atlanta area has to offer, and caring for his many houseplants.