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Car Accidents

Car accidents aren’t always clear-cut. Even if it is clear the other driver was at fault, insurance companies will try almost anything to pay less. Work with us to get the proof you need, demonstrate how the accident impacted your life, and show insurers that you mean business.

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Truck Accidents

A truck collision is life-changing. It also escalates everything about your claim, from the insurance policies involved to the trucking company’s desire to reduce what they owe. Our attorneys have proven experience in these cases.

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Medical Malpractice

We trust doctors and medical professionals to care for us. When this trust is violated, it means facing powerful insurance companies with deep pockets. Our personal injury lawyers level the playing field, so no one stands in the way of your recovery.

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Slip and Fall

You didn’t ask to get hurt on someone’s property. So why should you be responsible for the cost? Your pain is real, and so is your right to be made whole.

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Wrongful Death

No amount of money can replace what you lost. But the financial effects of your loss are legitimate. A wrongful death claim provides peace of mind, a degree of closure, and lets families move forward. When you need us, we’re here to listen and help; however, we can.

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Motorcycle Accidents

With negligent drivers on the highway, motorcycle riders are vulnerable to devastating injuries or death. With damages this severe, you need an advocate who can help recover what was lost.

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Dog Bites

You may be a dog owner and know your dog isn't capable of harming someone else, but you can't predict the actions of another. An attorney can investigate your dog bite and gather evidence to prove liability.

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Rideshare Uber/Lyft

Uber/Lyft accidents vary depending on your point of view. You may be injured as a passenger or maybe an Uber/Lyft hit you. Whatever the case may be, we know how to pursue compensation.

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