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Over $100 Million Won.

Categories: Wrongful Death

Client Testimonial – Andy’s Story

Client Testimonial – Christy’s Story

Work Injuries and Third-Party Lawsuits in Georgia

Explaining Georgia’s Exclusive Remedy Doctrine and the Borrowed Servant Defense

Can I sue for a workplace injury outside of Workers’ Comp?

How do personal injury lawyers get paid in Georgia?

Client Testimonial – Sandra’s Story

Categories: Wrongful Death

Client Testimonial – Julie’s Story

Categories: Motorcycle Accidents

Client Testimonial – Brent’s Story

It takes courage to share your story about something traumatic that happened to you. Reliving the experience is never easy and requires vulnerability and candor. We are incredibly grateful for clients willing to do just that in hopes their story can help someone else.

FAQ: What should I do if an attorney tries to solicit me after a car accident?