How The Champion Firm Team Celebrates Thanksgiving

Posted: 11.23.20

CATEGORY: In our Community

No matter where and how you are celebrating in 2020, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. We asked some of our Champion Firm team how they plan on celebrating this year:

“As it should be, Thanksgiving in our house is all about family, Turkey and football. We usually have a big meal with the extended family in North Carolina with all the traditional dishes. We do always change it up for dessert! This year will be a little different due to the Pandemic, but we are all still celebrating together at an Airbnb.”

– Darl, Attorney

“Thanksgiving starts the day before with all the food preparations. In addition to the traditional meal, homemade apple pie is always on the list! If friends don’t have a place to go, they are always invited to share the day with our family.”

– Carol, Operations

“The night before Thanksgiving my sisters, aunts and I stay over at my Grandmother’s house and we prep all the food together. We make all the traditional desserts homemade and of course, there are lots of laughs and wine!”

– Stephanie, Accounting

“We have a blended family so it is extra special to have all of our kids home for the holiday this year. We usually do a traditional meal with turkey and then head out to Black Friday shopping.”

– Karen, Paralegal

“Our Thanksgiving is smaller with just my immediate family. We all cook together while watching the Macy’s Day parade on TV. After the meal we do the annual pumpkin chunkin’ where we see who can throw the gourds and pumpkins my mom has collected over the month furthest.”

– Elise, Attorney

“Thanksgiving is all about the food at my house and we like to be creative with how we cook the turkey and other ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving staples. We’ve done vegan purple sweet potato pie, wrapped the turkey in bacon and even did Cornish hens one year. I’m not originally from the south so we make stuffing with bread, not dressing with cornbread.”

– Janis, Paralegal

“As one of seven kids, Thanksgiving is always big and crazy. Typically the day involves a game of flag football, lots of food (ham and turkey!) and doing the name draw for the Christmas gift swap. I look forward to my mom’s sweet potato soufflé (with marshmallows) every year.”

– Emily, Marketing

“Thanksgiving is always spent home with the family with no football involved. Then that night I usually do a little shopping and spend the next day decorating and getting ready for Christmas.”

– Emily, Legal Assistant