How We Help Victims Injured By Drunk Drivers

Holding Drunk Drivers Accountable

We have routinely helped people who have been injured by a drunk driver and it’s really unfortunate whenever we see that happen because there is no excuse for somebody getting behind the wheel after they’ve had too much to drink. But it does happen, and people can get seriously injured or even killed. We have handled those cases and sometimes maybe there’s not enough insurance there, maybe the drunk driver doesn’t have enough insurance, maybe we need to look at our client’s uninsured motorist insurance. Perhaps we need to look at the restaurant or bar that served the driver, which is called a “dram shop” case. In Georgia, if a restaurant or bar overserves somebody, and sees somebody drunk and they continue to serve them alcohol when they know or should know they are going to have to drive soon, maybe they can be held responsible. So it’s important that if you’ve been injured by a drunk driver that you hire an attorney that’s going to pursue every possible avenue of recovery because sometimes the drunk driver doesn’t have enough insurance to pay for all the injuries and damages that they’ve caused.