Broken Ribs After a Car Accident

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Date Posted: 04.05.24

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There are many injuries we commonly associate with car accidents, including concussions from hitting your head or lacerations from broken glass. However, some crash-related injuries are not as visible or commonly considered, such as broken ribs.

You might not realize you have broken ribs at first, but these painful injuries can have long-term consequences and may require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.

If you learn you have suffered broken ribs after a car accident, always ensure you have a proper medical treatment plan so your physical healing is on track.

Then, never wait to discuss a possible injury claim with an experienced Marietta car accident lawyer. If someone else was to blame for your accident, they can explore possible avenues for compensation.

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The Pain and Effect of Broken Ribs

The Pain and Effect of Broken Ribs

Broken ribs can result from a forceful collision between your body and the vehicle’s interior or other objects within the car. The ribs are designed to protect vital organs but can easily fracture under the immense pressure and force of a car crash.

Broken ribs might not be visible, but they can cause intense pain and discomfort. Every breath you take, every movement you make, can become agonizing. Most victims of this injury must refrain from many of their usual activities for some time, including work duties, household tasks, picking up children, or even driving a car.

Not only is this injury painful, but it can also be highly inconvenient. The diagnostic imaging tests and other treatments you need can be costly. All of this is in addition to any other injuries you suffered or vehicle damage you must address from the crash.

If someone else caused your accident, they should be liable for everything you are experiencing.

What Should You Do?

You’ve been in a crash, and you feel pain – what do you do next?

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

This might seem like an obvious step, but too many people fail to get medical attention following injuries from a car accident.

This is especially true if they have invisible injuries. When victims feel internal pain, they might believe they can tough it out, and the pain will go away with time. They might put off medical treatment due to concerns over costs, inconvenience, or other factors.

Delaying medical treatment is always a mistake for many reasons. If you feel any pain or suspect anything might be wrong after a car accident, seek immediate medical attention.

Even if the pain is bearable or you believe the injury is minor, have a medical professional examine you thoroughly. Imaging tests can uncover internal injuries that you would never discover on your own.

Without treatment, broken ribs can heal improperly, potentially causing chronic pain. They can also lead to complications such as punctured lungs or internal bleeding, which can require extensive medical care, including hospitalization or surgeries.

By seeking medical care promptly, you protect your health and establish an important link between your injuries and the car accident. This link is necessary if you bring a legal claim against the at-fault party seeking compensation.

The insurance company will require you to prove you suffered your broken ribs in the crash – not in a subsequent event. The sooner after the accident you receive a diagnosis and have your injuries recorded, the easier it will be to prove your broken ribs were accident-related.

Consult a Car Accident Lawyer

You might hesitate to hire an attorney for your car accident. Broken ribs might not seem that serious compared to other car accident injuries.

You might think an insurance claim should require no effort. However, this is rarely the case. Too many people underestimate how difficult it can be to obtain full compensation for their losses from liable parties.

Hiring legal representation is the difference between financial stress and support moving forward.

A car accident attorney will begin by assessing your situation for free and advising whether you have a case. If you do, they will begin representing you at no upfront cost. You only pay fees if they obtain compensation for your losses.

Your attorney will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident.

They will:

  • Gather evidence
  • Interview witnesses
  • Review police reports
  • Examine medical records
  • Build a strong legal strategy

This includes establishing liability for the accident and demonstrating the extent of your injuries, including your broken ribs and anything else you suffered.

Insurance companies are notorious for trying to settle cases quickly and for as little money as possible. This is especially true for invisible injuries, which they regularly undervalue. Adjusters may pressure you into accepting a quick but low settlement offer that does not adequately cover your losses.

Your skilled car accident attorney will take your broken ribs seriously.

They will accurately calculate your losses, including:

They will gather evidence of your losses to present a strong case to the insurer of what you deserve. Your attorney will negotiate on your behalf, ensuring that you receive fair and just compensation for your broken ribs. They will handle all communications with the insurance company, protecting you from the stress of dealing with them directly.

Take Control of Your Situation With Help From a Car Accident Attorney

Darl Champion

Darl Champion,Car Accident Lawyer in Marietta

Suffering broken ribs in a sudden car accident can be frustrating. Your life can be paused in many ways, and you can experience financial setbacks. However, you are not powerless in this situation. You can take control by scheduling a free case evaluation with an experienced car accident lawyer in your area.

Never underestimate the seriousness of broken ribs. Even if your injury does not seem as serious as others, you still deserve full compensation for your losses if someone else was to blame. The best thing you can do is seek medical and legal help.

Never try to tough out your injuries or the insurance process on your own. A personal injury attorney in your area is waiting to represent your interests. Get your free consultation as soon as possible.

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