$150,000 Won for Client Who Was Passenger of Erratic Driver

$150,000 Won for Client Who Was Passenger of Erratic Driver

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle driven by a young woman. While they were on the interstate, the woman driving our client swerved to avoid another vehicle. Doing so resulted in her losing control of the vehicle, which then traveled across several lanes of traffic before flipping over on the shoulder of the road. When police officers responded to the scene of the accident, they suspected that either drugs or alcohol were a factor in the behavior of our client’s driver.

Our client sustained major injuries as a result of this accident. She lost consciousness at the scene of the wreck and was later diagnosed with a concussion. She also broke her right wrist in two places and suffered a contusion in her right lung. Her wrist was put in a cast and she was kept overnight in the hospital.

Following the accident, our client also received orthopedic treatment and physical therapy for her wrist for approximately five months. In total, her medical bills cost our client over $76,000, and she suffered an additional $1,200 in lost wages.

Attorney Kate Rhodes and The Champion Firm team recovered punitive damages for our client, though there was not a formal DUI citation brought against the woman who had been operating the vehicle. In the end, we secured a settlement of $150,000 for our client.

While such a traumatic car accident is never something we want anyone to experience, we were happy to be able to help our client reclaim the compensation she was owed after this accident.

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