$25,000 Policy Limits Achieved for Client

$25,000 Policy Limits for Client After Geico Claimed Comparative Fault

Our client was driving in Marietta, GA when another driver failed to yield when turning left, resulting in significant damages to our client’s car and over $14,000 in medical bills.

At first, the insurance company (GEICO) refused to extend an offer at all because there were claiming 50/50 comparative fault, which would cause a plaintiff to be barred from recovery under Georgia law. The insurance company and the at-fault driver claimed that our client failed to take “proper evasive actions.”

Attorney Andrienne McKay promptly sent a statutory property damage demand, filed a lawsuit, then later amended the complaint to include the property damage total loss amount when the insurance company failed to pay the statutory property damage demand.

Then, our team sent a litigation bodily injury demand for the full policy limits contingent upon the insurance company also issuing a check for the total loss property damage amount.

After Andrienne filed suit, GEICO agreed to pay $25,000 plus an additional $4,122.00 for our client’s property damage. Our team settled the case in just over four months.

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