$25,000 Policy Limits Settlement in Disputed Liability Car Accident

$25,000 Policy Limits Settlement in Disputed Liability Car Accident

Our client was driving on Chamblee Tucker Road in Dekalb County, Georgia. As she was approaching an intersection, the at-fault driver made an improper right turn in front of our client, attempting to make it to the far left lane before our client passed. Our client also maneuvered to the left lane (to avoid being hit) and slammed on her breaks, but was unable to avoid crashing into the back of the at-fault driver’s vehicle.

At first, the at-fault’s insurance company, GEICO, determined that our client had 40% fault and refused to pay to get her car fixed and refused to pay for her injuries due to our client rear-ending the at-fault driver. Attorney Andrienne McKay argued that the collision only occurred because the at-fault driver created an emergency situation for our client to swerve to the left. Additionally, we reached out the the independent witness who was driving behind both drivers and were able to get an affidavit from the witness that the other driver caused the collision. However, GEICO maintained that our client was still 40% at fault, so The Champion Firm immediately filed the lawsuit to move forward with litigation.

Our client had rotator cuff surgery eight months prior to the collision and had one therapy session left. The collision caused additional soft tissue injury to that shoulder requiring a few months of additional physical therapy. After completing physical therapy, her medical bills were just over $11,000.

The biggest challenge The Champion Firm faced in this case was GEICO attempting to place 40% fault on our client for causing the car wreck, which means our client would only be able to collect 40% of the amount her case was actually worth. After The Champion Firm team spent time preparing out client for her deposition during litigation, our client testified and presented as both likable and credible. Because of this, Andrienne sent a letter extending a settlement opportunity to opposing counsel before even moving forward with taking the Defendant’s deposition.

After negotiations, The Champion Firm was able to settle our client’s case for the full value of $25,000 and get all of her car repair costs reimbursed that GEICO initially refused to pay.

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