$300,000 Settlement for Client Injured in Rear-End Car Wreck

$300,000 Settlement for Client Injured in Rear-End Car Wreck

In March 2022, a pickup truck rear-ended our client in Oconee County, Georgia while she was stopped for traffic. The truck hit our client so hard that it smashed into the back of her SUV and forced her into another car in front of her. 

Our client was transported by ambulance to a local hospital in Athens, Georgia, where she reported pain in her head, neck, back, forearm, and wrist, as well as temporarily losing consciousness. She was later confirmed to have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). In addition to her head injury, our client also sustained painful orthopedic and neurological injuries that cause her significant problems and impairments. 

The at-fault driver had $100,000 in liability insurance, and our client had two separate uninsured motorist policies for $100,000 each. After filing suit and proving the extent of our client’s injuries, The Champion Firm was able to obtain the limits of all available insurance policies, for a total settlement of $300,000.

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