$400,000 Settlement for Injured Client

$400,000 Settlement for Client Injured at Georgia Ports Authority Terminal

Our client was a truck driver who was injured at a Georgia Ports Authority terminal in Savannah when a container was being dismounted from his truck. As the crane operator attempted to remove the container, the crane operator lifted our client’s entire truck off the ground when the container stuck to the truck’s chassis. The crane operator lowered the truck to the ground and then tried to lift the container off again. This time, the container dislodged from the chassis when the truck was 6 feet off the ground, causing our client’s truck to crash to the ground.

Because Georgia Ports Authority was the defendant, the case fell under the State Tort Claims Act. The State initially refused to offer any money to resolve the case and denied liability. The State also contended that our client’s injuries were pre-existing, degenerative changes and were not caused by the accident.

Another law firm referred the case to The Champion Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.C. for litigation, and we promptly filed suit. We took the depositions of multiple Georgia Ports Authority employees, including the crane operator, and were able to show that the crane operator violated the policies and procedures that applied to his operation of the crane. Our client had neck and back injuries that required years of pain management to treat from the time of the accident up until the date of settlement. His medical bills were over $100,000. We took the deposition of our client’s treating orthopedic doctor and were able to prove that this incident caused his injuries. After discovery was completed, the State of Georgia agreed to pay $400,000 to settle our client’s case.

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