$500,000 Settlement in High-Impact Trucking Accident

$500,000 Settlement in High-Impact Trucking Accident

On July 25, 2021, our client was traveling on I-85 South in Fayette Country, Georgia. Behind him on the highway, a tractor-trailer driver was traveling in the same direction. As our client came to an intersection, the turning of oncoming traffic required him to slow down and stop his vehicle so the oncoming traffic could pass safely. However, as our client waited for oncoming traffic to finish turning, the truck driver behind him crossed the double yellow line to pass our client and abruptly crashed into the driver’s side of our client’s vehicle.

The impact was so severe that our client’s side airbags deployed, the front tire was torn off of our client’s vehicle, and debris from our client’s vehicle exploded off his car and struck oncoming traffic.

As a result of the violent impact, our client sought immediate medical attention for full-body pain, including pain in his neck, back, and right hip. However, in the weeks that followed, our client’s pain only worsened. He sought followup medical treatment for intermittent headaches and loss of consciousness, as well as ongoing pain in his back and spine. Our client’s medical expenses for the injuries he suffered in the accident cost him over $19,000, and medical professionals quoted a future lumbar fusion surgery he would need at $160,000.

Attorney Bill Daniel and The Champion Firm team were able to prove clear liability in this case, showing that the truck driver failed to use ordinary care in the operation of his tractor-trailer. The highest offer from the at-fault trucking company’s insurance was only $30,000 pre-suit. We filed suit on behalf of our client and, after aggressive negotiations, secured a $500,000 settlement, ensuring he will not be burdened with the medical debt ensuing from his accident for the rest of his life.

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