5x Medical Bills Settlement for Victim of Hit & Run Accident

5x Medical Bills Settlement for Victim of Hit & Run Accident

Our client was driving on Mt. Zion Boulevard in Clayton County, Georgia when another car ran a red-light – crashing into the front driver’s side of our client’s car. The at-fault driver sped away but was later apprehended by police who issued a citation for a DUI as well as a hit-and-run. Our client went to the emergency room which confirmed soft tissue injuries to his right shoulder and back.

Our client was a healthy 28-year-old who worked as a security guard and his injuries caused him to miss almost a month of work. After completing medical treatment, including working with an orthopedist, physical therapist, and chiropractor, our client had just under $14,000 in medical bills.

Attorney Andrienne McKay sent a demand letter to Georgia Farm Bureau for $50,000, which was accepted for our client’s bodily injury claim, and secured an additional $25,000.00 for punitive damages related to our client’s property damage claim. Because of the punitive damages due to the DUI, she was able to obtain a settlement of $75,000 – 5x our client’s medical bills.

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