$600,000 Won in Rear-End Collision Accident

$600,000 Won in Rear-End Collision Accident

In January 2018, our client was turning right onto Cobb Parkway. Another car was behind her, also preparing to turn right. That driver began to turn while she was looking to her left for traffic and drove into the back of our client’s vehicle. Our client’s vehicle had minimal visible property damage but she suffered substantial injuries as a result of the accident.

Our client started conservative treatment with a chiropractor before later seeking treatment at an orthopedic practice in Marietta.

Based on our client’s symptoms and MRI findings, she was diagnosed with a disc protrusion at the C5-6 vertebrae of her spine, as well as facet joint pain. Our client had numerous physical therapy visits. With the orthopedic doctor, she also had various pain management treatments, which included epidural steroid injections and radiofrequency ablations. In total, the medical bills cost our client $166,000.

Before we file the lawsuit, our client was given a lowball offer from the Defendant’s insurance company: only $18,000. The defense primarily focused on the minimal property damage caused to our client’s vehicle to argue that our client could not have sustained serious injuries in the wreck. The Defendant argued that our client’s injuries were pre-existing and were not due to the wreck, and the defense even hired an expert orthopedic doctor to testify that our client’s injuries were not related to the wreck.

However, attorney Darl Champion and The Champion Firm team were able to show that the accident did, in fact, cause our client’s injuries. Our client’s treating doctor testified that the wreck caused her injuries and the need for treatment, and that our client would need additional radiofrequency ablations in the future, which would continue to add to her medical bills.

Just a few weeks before trial was set to begin, The Champion Firm was able to secure a $600,000 settlement for our client.

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