Champion Firm Turns $29,000 Offer into $100,000

Champion Firm Turns $29,000 Fffer From Allstate into $100,000 Offer of Settlement

Our client was driving in Cobb County, GA when a vehicle pulled out in front of her unexpectedly, causing a car accident. The at-fault driver was cited for failure to yield while entering a roadway. Our client underwent emergency room treatment, orthopedic treatment, (including epidural injections) and extensive physical therapy.

She hired The Champion Firm to represent her and our team got right to work. We sent an initial demand letter to Allstate, who responded with an offer for $29,000 – well below our client’s $80,000 in medical bills.

Most of time, cases settle during the demand negotiation process. However, because we’re dedicated to getting our clients the best possible result, we will take their case to the next step if need be. That ended up being the best choice for this client and we filed suit.

After going through depositions, discovery, and preparing the case for trial, The Champion Firm team gave Allstate one more opportunity to settle for our original $100,000 offer of settlement. This time, our offer was quickly accepted by the insurance adjuster. It is important to work with an attorney experienced in the lawsuit process and fighting for their client no matter what it takes.

In our client’s words: “Amazing experience with Morgan, she kept fighting for me through a long case and never gave up.”

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