$675,000 for Golf Cart Accident Victim

Golf Cart Accident Victim Receives Six Figure Settlement

Our client, a young girl, was operating a golf cart across a roadway when a delivery driver from a local restaurant t-boned her. The force of the impact caused our client’s golf cart to flip on its side and resulted in serious head and facial injuries to our client. Fortunately, our client did not sustain a serious brain injury, but she was left with significant medical bills and facial scarring.

Based on the evidence at the scene, the police officer originally cited our client for causing the accident. However, we were able to work quickly to secure a written statement from an eyewitness, who stated that our client was not at fault and the delivery driver failed to slow down or take any action at all to avoid striking our client.

The Champion Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.C. filed a lawsuit against the food delivery driver and the restaurant he was working for when the wreck happened. The defendants and their insurance company at first denied all liability. They also argued that our client was negligent for crossing the roadway and failing to yield. The eyewitness statement we secured immediately after the wreck, helped us argue that their driver was at fault. We also took the deposition of the delivery driver. His version of events was not credible. Based on the evidence we uncovered in the lawsuit, the insurance company asked to go to mediation where the case settled.