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Our client was a passenger riding in a friends car in Laurens County, GA. The driver was going a high rate of speed, hydroplaned, and hit a tree resulting in a horrific car accident. Witnesses at the crash scene thought our client was dead. She had significant injuries including pelvic fractures and a bladder perforation tear, and medical bills exceeding $70,000.

While our client only got the $25,000 from the liability insurer’s policy, Attorney Morgyn Graber battled UM insurance to get all available under insured policies through our client’s father’s motorcycle insurance policy. The Champion Firm team did a full analysis to show why our client needed the full limits and due to our understanding of the stackable policy laws, we were able to get her a settlement of $275,000. 💰

Georgia law requires all automobile policies to include what is called uninsured motorist coverage unless it is specifically rejected at the time of purchase. When choosing a Personal Injury Attorney to represent you after an accident, it is vital you choose someone that understands stackable policies, uninsured motorist coverage and doesn’t stop until they get you the BEST result possible.

What does this look like? Let’s say, for example, that your total damages—medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering—add up to $100,000, but the at-fault driver’s policy only had $25,000 available for bodily injury damages. In this case, you could get $25,000 from the negligent driver’s insurance company, but the insurance company would not have to pay the rest of your damages. So what can you do?

Fortunately, there are actually multiple avenues available to victims of car wrecks in Georgia. The other driver’s liability insurance is not the only option. Depending on your coverage and the circumstances of the crash, you might be able to get payment from:

  • Uninsured/under-insured motorist insurance
  • Medical payments coverage (commonly known as “med pay”)
  • Health insurance
  • Collision insurance

Some of these may seem obvious, but others may surprise you. We go through each of these payment options and how they might apply to your case.

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