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FAQ: How can I find out if my Georgia doctor has been sued?

Has your doctor ever been sued for medical malpractice in Georgia? Finding out could help you avoid becoming a victim of a medical mistake. Or, if you’ve been the victim of a medical mistake, this information could help you with your case. So, how can you learn if your doctor has been sued? In this video, Smyrna medical malpractice attorney Darl Champion discusses how to find out if a doctor has been sued in Georgia — and why victims of medical mistakes should speak with a qualified personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Categories: Medical Malpractice

FAQ: What are the requirements of an expert affidavit for a Georgia medical malpractice case?

All medical malpractice lawsuits filed in Georgia must be accompanied by an expert witness affidavit. In this video, Smyrna medical malpractice attorney Darl Champion discusses what this means, who qualifies as a witness, and what’s required in the affidavit.

Categories: Medical Malpractice

FAQ: How long do Georgia medical malpractice cases take to settle?

In this video, Darl Champion discusses numerous factors that can impact a medical malpractice case, and why some cases take longer to settle than others. Watch the video to learn what you might expect with a medical malpractice case in Georgia.

FAQ: What are the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations?

In this video, Smyrna personal injury attorney Darl Champion discusses the difference between trucking accidents and car accidents. Learn about the regulations that govern the trucking industry and how the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations may impact your case.

Can You Sue the Insurance Company in a Georgia Trucking Case?

Who is the responsible party in a trucking accident in Georgia? Will you be able to sue the driver, the driver’s insurance company, the employer, or all of the above? Watch this informative video to learn how a Smyrna trucking accident lawyer can help you get the most compensation possible for your claim.

Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth 3 Times The Cost of My Medical Bills?

Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth 3 Times The Cost of My Medical Bills?

A common question we hear from clients who want to know what the value of their claim is, is whether their claim is worth three times their medical bills. This is a common belief that we have heard from clients, but there really is no such thing as a special formula or calculator for determining the value of a claim. And to state that a claim is worth three times the medical bills really ignores a lot of the different factors that go into determining claim value. There’s so many different factors that include: the venue where the case might be pending, whether there’s any aggravating facts associated with the defendant’s conduct, what was the nature of the treatment, what’s the prognosis for the injuries. For example: has the injured party recovered fully, are they going to need ongoing medical care, are there future medical bills in order, did they miss any work, what are their lost wages, are there future lost wages, is there any permanent disfigurement or scarring? Because of all the different factors that go into evaluating a claim and determining what it’s worth, it would be impossible to create a universal rule that says “all personal injury claims are worth three times their medical bills.” In our law firm, we don’t use a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and we don’t put claims into a box. We look at every case independently and evaluate it and determine what the value of the claim is based on all the relevant factors.

How Accurate Are Personal Injury Settlement Calculators?

How Accurate Are Personal Injury Settlement Calculators?

Lately we’ve heard some of our clients ask us if personal injury settlement calculators give an accurate appraisal of the value of the claim. The short answer is no. Personal injury settlement calculators do not work. Insurance companies don’t use calculators, we don’t use calculators, and if your case goes to trial there isn’t going to be a calculator in the jury. There are a lot of factors that go into determining the value of the claim. If you do use a personal injury settlement calculator online, don’t trust it.

Police Vehicle Accidents

If you’ve been injured in an accident with a police vehicle, one of the most important things you should know is that the filing deadline may be significantly shorter than what you would find with a typical personal injury car accident claim. Generally in Georgia you have two years from the date of the accident to either file a claim and settle it, or file a lawsuit. With accidents involving police vehicles these deadlines can be significantly shorter because the police vehicle will either belong to the state, the city, or the county. For states and counties, you have one year from the date of the accident to file what is called an Ante Litem Notice. An Ante Litem Notice is simply a notice that is given to the appropriate government agency notifying them of the claim as well as providing other information that may be required by law. For cities, the deadline for submitting the Ante Litem Notice is six months. If these deadlines are missed, you may lose the right to obtain any compensation at all for your injuries. This is why it is very important that if you’re involved in an accident with a police vehicle, you contact an experienced and qualified personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Why Choose The Champion Firm?

Why Choose The Champion Firm?

Hi, welcome to The Champion Firm’s website. If you’re here, you may have been involved in a personal injury, and you may have a lot of questions. We have designed this site to provide a variety of different educational materials to help you, to educate you, and to allow you to make an informed decision. If you have any questions, or want a free consultation with an attorney, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

When someone signs on with an attorney for a case, they pretty much get a lot of the workload taken off of them. The main focus for them is getting the treatment that they need, make sure that they’re taken care of, and that ultimately we would like for them to get better.

If they don’t offer our clients a fair value, the insurance companies know that we are ready and willing to fight for our clients.

There’s way more that goes into it than just the money. These are people’s lives, these are people’s lives that have been changed, and these are people who deserve insurance companies to treat them like people.

Well I slipped and fell in the store, broke my femur bone.

I lost my son inside of Cherokee County Jail.

I was at a hotel, and I fell. My patella, which is my knee cap, was shattered.

An eighteen-wheeler ran me off the road, and knocked me into the Jersey barrier. I had to have a neck operation, a little graft off of the hip area, to compensate for the bone that they took out and replace.

It did require me to go to the hospital. I wasn’t able to walk.

Cause of this incident, this has stopped me from working right now. If I happened to go get a job, I can’t get one.

Darl, the first time I met him, he came right up to the house and showed me what was going on, and I really like that.

When I met Darl, I was very impressed.

One of the biggest things that I loved about Mr. Champion is his warm embrace of me. He’d never seen me before, he spoke to me only once on the phone prior, but I felt so warm and comfortable, I felt like this is the place I need to be.

Well the whole firm is nice here. Everytime I come here, I’m always treated like I’m one of the lawyers here.

When I come in here, I don’t know, my attorney feels like family to me.

Working with Champ, he wants to meet the client immediately. He gives them a hug, he talks to their kids. I mean, it’s just a very welcoming environment.

A lot of times when they are in auto accidents, a lot of personal injury cases, they’re in very stressful situations. So when I deal with them, I know that I’m helping them get through some tough times.

The more you get involved and the more you know of what their circumstances are, it makes you want to do even more for them, or as much as you can.

Everyone that has assisted me, they have all of them, they have embraced me. I feel like tearing up right now because I’ve never experienced that much warmth from people that have come to my aid, to help me in a situation such as this.

He is a good man, and he’ll take care of you.

I’ve really tried to focus on building the firm with great people who are good at their jobs and know what they’re doing, and who are also good at helping people and dealing with people.

Success in my job is getting a great result for a client who deserves it. Someone who’s been through some sort of trauma with their incident and we’re able to recover for them.

I wasn’t trying to get rich or nothing, I just wanted, and he did, he came through real good. Blessings.

I really wanted something that would be fair to me, fair to Darl, fair to the company where I fell. I didn’t want to take advantage of people, but I realized over time that I was going to have some issues, physical issues, that were going to be lifelong and so I wanted it to be fair all around and I feel like it was.

He is a life-changer for my family.

How Long Will My Case Take?

How Long Will My Case Take?

When we get hired, clients will always ask us, “how long is this going to take?” And what I always tell people, “it’s going to take as long as it takes for the other side to offer you a fair value on the case. Until then, we’re going to keep on marching towards the courtroom, and marching towards a trial.” Some cases resolve in a matter of months, some take a year, some take two years or more. It really depends on the circumstances of the case. At the end of the day, there’s nothing that can require another party to settle a case. Settlements are voluntary. It’s when two sides come together and settle a dispute. If one side doesn’t want to settle, you can’t make them do it. The way that you make them pay you money is by taking them to court, going to trial, and getting a judgement against them. Then they have to pay.