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Hear what Walter had to say about his experience with Champion Firm.

Hear Walter’s Story

I was on my way to a job a couple years ago and an 18-wheeler ran me off the road, knocked me into the Jersey barrier, and totaled my car. I was driving a really small ’86 Honda Civic. We ran into the Jersey barrier head on, so the whole front end was smashed. No airbags deployed, but thankfully I survived the collision. I had to have a neck operation. They took a portion of my hip to compensate for the bone that they took out in my neck. The truck driver merged without using any signals. Luckily he pulled over, because he knew what he had done and came back to check on me.

I went to another lawyer and it didn’t work out, so I called another company that got me in touch with Darl Champion. He’s the man. He just made everything happen and made things really easy. I was without a car, and he came out himself to help me out. He didn’t send anyone on his behalf. My original attorney sent out a private investigator, and I was never actually able to meet him. The first time I met Darl, he came right out to the house to explain what was going on. He’s really good at what he does.

I really didn’t have to deal too much with the insurance companies. The lawyers handled that. All I had to do was deal with Darl. All the other stuff was handled by his team.

The whole firm is nice here. Everytime I come here I’m always treated like one of the lawyers. I like coming out here. He’s a life changer for my family. I wasn’t trying to get rich or anything, I just wanted what was fair based on my injuries.

Anybody that’s going through any kind of car accident, slip and falls, or other injury, I would absolutely send them to Darl’s firm.

Michael shares his experience with the Champion Firm

Michael Shares His Experience With The Champion Firm

I went to the deli to get a sandwich for me and my wife. I heard a loud sound behind me. I looked suddenly to see this guy pulling a cart behind me full of Pepsi-Cola. I didn’t feel anything of it at the time, so I just took my food and went on walking. I didn’t get a chance to make it to the cash register. Next thing I knew, I slipped and fell and I was in the air. My food went one way and I went the other way.

I had slipped on some water that I didn’t see. Next thing you know I see my legs coming out from under me. I felt my knee give way and was worried because I had just had surgery on it. I thought that the knee had snapped on me, but it was my femur bone.

The manager came to see what was going on. The water was around my foot and around the side of me. The manager was looking right at it. He talked to me and tried to keep me calm due to the fact I was in so much pain. I had never experienced pain like that. My speech was also slurring since I had bumped my head when I fell.

No one contacted me at all. The only person that I talked to was my lawyer. Darl came to me. It took about a year to get everything I wanted. In about a week or two I had checks coming to my house from the law firm. I was happy. This injury has prevented me from getting a job.

I would recommend anybody to Darl Champion. He is a good man and he will take care of you.