Christmas Eve Car Accident on I-20 Kills 2 in Douglas County

Posted: 12.26.15

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Two people were dead on Christmas Eve after a careless driver on I-20 in Douglasville caused a fatal accident. The car accident happened around 12:30 p.m. west of Fairburn Road near Prestley Mill Road. According to police, a reckless driver was speeding and weaving in an out of traffic when he struck the rear of a slower moving vehicle. Both vehicles went down into a ravine, and the drivers of both cars died as a result of the crash. Police did not release the identity of the drivers, but one was listed as 30 years old and the other 69 years old. This accident highlights the importance of safe driving. Most car accidents are caused by human error. Had this reckless driver simply been patient and not been weaving in an out of track, both him and the other crash victim would have been able to spend Christmas with their families.