Cyclist Hit by Car Wins 4x Medical Bills

Cyclist Hit by Car Wins 4x Medical Bills

In June of 2020, our client was riding his bike through a crosswalk in Walton County, when he was hit by a car that had failed to yield while turning right at a red light. Our client had injuries to his left shoulder, left hand and fingers, and both knees. He went to the ER following the collision, but received no further treatment at the time because he did not have health insurance and the insurance company had not accepted liability. His medical bills were just over $8,000.

The Champion Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.C. was hired in October of 2020 after the insurance company still refused to accept liability, stating that there was an ongoing coverage issue and they could not get in contact with their insured. Despite our team pushing for a decision on liability, the insurance company’s position remained the same.

Attorney Andrienne Mckay promptly filed a lawsuit, and just one month after filing, the defense counsel confirmed that the at fault driver was in fact a driver on the policy and we could move forward with our demand. Our team sent a policy limits demand for $50,000 based on our client’s medical bills — but also based on the severity of being hit by a car as a pedestrian and the fact that he still needed treatment for his injuries.

The insurance company counter-offered $18,000, but knowing our client deserved more than that, we moved forward with discovery. Unfortunately, when our client started receiving medical treatment, his orthopedist recommended surgery on both knees due to multiple tears from the bike accident.

After depositions and receiving the surgical estimates, Andrienne extended a final settlement opportunity of $50,000. Within one week the insurance company accepted the demand — 4x our clients current medical bills of $12,000.

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