Austell Car Accident Victim Awakes from Coma

Written By: The Champion Firm Team

Date Posted: 12.18.15

Category: Car Accident

Horace Walker, a Cobb County sanitation worker who was seriously injured when he was struck by a car, recently awoke form his coma. Walker lost both legs in the serious car accident, which occurred when a distracted driver struck Walker and pinned him against the garbage truck. Walker will be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits since he was injured on the job, which will cover his past and future medical expenses and a portion of his lost wages. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation does not cover damages for pain and suffering. Walker will have a claim against the at-fault driver, and that driver’s liability insurance will be responsible for paying all of his damages, including any damages that workers’ compensation paid for. In addition, Walker will be entitled to coverage under any uninsured motorist coverage that may be available to him.

Walker’s accident highlights the dangers of distracted driving in a car accident. At The Champion Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.C., Personal Injury Attorneys, P.C., our Atlanta accident lawyers are trying to do our part to alert the public to the dangers of distracted driving.

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