Electric Scooter Accidents on the Rise

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Date Posted: 01.24.19

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As more Georgia residents take advantage of the newly available rentable dockless scooters on city streets across the state, scooter accidents are on the rise. One health care provider reports that electric scooter injuries have increased by more than 161 percent from this time last year.

Electric scooters are more popular than ever before, and city and state officials are struggling to regulate this mode of transportation. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, City Council members are currently working on ordinances to establish rules for where these vehicles can be ridden and parked to reduce accidents and protect the public.

What Is an Electric Scooter, Legally?

The Uniform Rules of the Road that apply to motorists in the State of Georgia don’t explicitly specify an electric scooter as a motor vehicle. Each city or other local government that regulates electric scooters can establish their own definition as they see fit, but most states generally recognize electric-powered two-wheeled (and sometimes three wheeled) scooters as motor vehicles.

Scooters like the ones operated by companies like Lime and Bird in Atlanta are electric and dockless, which means that they can be parked virtually anywhere and left for the next rider.

Common Causes of Electric Scooter Injuries

Electric scooter injuries can occur in many ways. Some examples include:

  •  Operating without a helmet
  • Leaving an e-scooter in a location that can cause someone to trip and fall
  •  Allowing a child to operate without proper training or safeguards
  •  Driving at a speed that causes the operator to lose control
  •  Blocking an entrance or disability entrance by leaving a scooter in the path
  •  Riding with two or more people on the same scooter
  •  Abandoned scooters in walkways, roadways, or otherwise unsafely parked
  •  An e-scooter colliding with a car, truck, or bus
  •  Collisions between bicyclists and electric scooter riders
  •  Pedestrians hit by scooter riders on the sidewalk

What to Do If You’ve Been Injured on a Dockless Scooter

If you’ve been injured while riding an e-scooter or if you’ve been hurt in a collision with an electric scooter rider, you must work quickly to protect your rights under Georgia law. You should document evidence that’s available on the scene by taking photographs, noting any identifying information available for the scooter like the brand and serial number and gathering witness contact information. It’s also important to seek prompt medical attention.

Who Is Liable for an Electric Scooter Accident? The Rider or the Company?

Both the rider and the electric scooter company could be held liable for an injury that occurs because of an electric scooter accident. Both riders and e-scooter companies must exercise reasonable care at all times.

If an e-scooter company produces a product with a fault, fails to maintain their fleet, or fails to provide operating and safety instructions, the e-scooter company could be liable for injury accidents that result. A driver who operates a scooter negligently could be responsible for an accident that they cause.

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