The Champion Firm Story: Helping People Put Their Lives Back Together

Written By: The Champion Firm Team

Date Posted: 01.10.19

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At The Champion Firm, we know that each personal injury or wrongful death case is more than just a claim. Our clients come to us because they’ve experienced physical, mental, and emotional trauma. Many face medical bills that could bankrupt them. Some lose their ability to earn a living. Still others face a lifetime without the joy of a close loved one’s presence. And those are only a few of the many hardships we’ve seen.

Each client who comes to us has a story. We are here to listen to those stories and help our clients put their lives back together. There may be thousands or even millions of personal injury and wrongful death cases in the world, but your single case could change your whole world. We know the magnitude of each case that comes through our doors, and we want you to know that we’re always here for you.

In the video above, you’ll hear from one of our clients, Laurie, who came to us after a car accident that left her in massive pain with mounting medical bills. Then, you’ll hear from our own Darl Champion, as he talks about his vision for helping our clients and how we approach each and every case as if it’s the only case in the world – because, to you, your case really is the only case in the world. “When people have sustained a personal injury,” Champion says, “they feel that they’ve been victimized because something bad has happened to them that they didn’t ask for. Our job is to make sure that they don’t get victimized twice.”

At The Champion Firm, we’re motivated to come to work every day because we know we can help people. Whether you’ve been injured in an auto or trucking accident, you’re the victim of medical malpractice, or you’ve lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, we’re here for you. You’re going through something that seems impossible, and it may be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s why we come to work every day, to help people like you get through these life-altering challenges, and obtain the results that will help make you whole again.

“Can The Champion Firm Help Me?”

As Darl says in the video, “One of the things that we really like doing is helping people and coming up with a solution to a problem that they wouldn’t be able to solve on their own.” Personal injury and wrongful death cases can get very complicated very quickly, and it’s often difficult to know the correct steps to get the compensation you’re owed.

When potential clients come to us, we always offer a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. In this meeting, you’ll sit down with one of our experienced Smyrna personal injury attorneys, and we’ll go over all the details of your case with you. This will give us the chance to get to know you and help you understand what to expect with your claim. Then, with a more complete view of your situation and what you need to do next, you can make an informed decision.

Our attorneys have helped people in Georgia with a wide range of personal injury and wrongful death cases, including motor vehicle accidents, commercial trucking accidents, medical malpractice, premises liability, product liability, and more. With our team’s deep experience across these practice areas, we have the knowledge to help you get the most compensation possible.

“What if I Want to Handle My Case on My Own?”

People will often hesitate to call a personal injury attorney after an accident or incident, even if they are significantly hurt and facing serious damages. In some cases, this is because they feel that they aren’t the type of person to file a lawsuit. In other cases, they may feel that they can get more compensation if they do not have to pay an attorney’s fee.

We understand that some cases really are straightforward enough to handle on your own through the at-fault party’s insurance company. In many instances, though, you may run into unforeseen hurdles and challenges that you could not have known about at the beginning of your case. For example:

• In an auto accident, the at-fault driver may be uninsured or may not have enough insurance coverage to pay for your damages.
• The insurance company may refuse to accept fault for your injuries or for your loved one’s death.
• There may be multiple parties at fault in your case, or the insurance company may claim that you are at least partially at fault for your injuries.

When you meet with us for your complimentary consultation, you will have no obligation to continue your case with The Champion Firm. “We really pride ourselves on being honest with people and giving them a straight answer,” says Champion. If we believe that your case doesn’t require the assistance of an attorney, we will tell you and give you advice on how to proceed. And, if something changes and you do need legal assistance, we will be there for you.

Getting the Best Results for Our Clients

We also pride ourselves on getting great results for cases that, at first, appear to have little or nothing for our clients to recover. A client who’s been badly injured in a medical malpractice case or an automobile accident may be facing a lifetime of debt in medical bills, not to mention pain and suffering, potential loss of ability to work, and more. At the same time, instead of paying what is owed, the insurance company will fight to pay as little as possible.

In cases like these, we work hard to help make our clients whole again. We view every case as a partnership, and we are always looking out for your best interest. We combine years of legal experience with an unbeatable work ethic to find the best possible solutions for our clients’ problems. If a settlement can’t be reached, we are more than willing to file a lawsuit and take the case to court.

At the end of the day, our goal is to put as much money in your pocket as possible, whether that means settling or filing a suit. Ultimately, the best outcome for us is to get a great result for our clients, and to make sure that they’re able to put their lives back together. If you’ve suffered an injury or lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, please don’t hesitate to contact our personal injury lawyers in Cobb County today.

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