$100,000 Policy Limit After School Bus Crash

Insurance Policy Limits Settlement for School Bus Crash

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Our client, EA, was driving her car when a school bus hit her from behind. She had just turned left onto a road before she was hit. When she turned, she noticed two children trying to cross the road, so she stopped. Unfortunately, the school bus behind her did not stop, and it hit her car hard. The impact was serious and caused significant damage to EA’s car.

EA sustained injuries to her neck and back due to the collision. She started treating conservatively with a chiropractor. After months, she was unable to get better. She was sent to an orthopedic doctor, who performed a couple different therapeutic procedures on her that involved injections of medication into her spine.

The Champion Firm was referred the case by another lawyer because of our experience in handling government liability claims. We filed a lawsuit against the school bus driver. The attorney for the school district responded to the lawsuit and denied liability. The defense argued that our client was at fault because he stopped when she did not need to stop.

We took the deposition of the bus driver, and the defense took the depositions of our client and her mother. They agreed to go to mediation. The case did not settle at mediation. Several months after mediation though, the school district agreed to pay $100,000 to settle the case. This was the maximum amount of money available from the school district for this wreck.