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Trip or slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere—even Walgreens—and when they do, they can cause serious injuries. Even if you are embarrassed and do not want to make a scene, be sure to tell store employees about the accident, take pictures of the scene, and get the contact information of anyone who saw what happened. If your injuries seem serious, contact The Champion Firm, P.C., in Georgia, at 404-596-8655.

What are the risks of not acting quickly?

While not every injury ends with a lawsuit, it is important to prepare for one from the start. The fact is this: by failing to act quickly, you can lose critical time, evidence, and witness information. It is better to look into your case and find out that you do not have a valid case than to later discover your injuries are more severe that you thought but that the evidence is no longer available and you are running out of time to file a claim.

Some falls only result in soreness, a sprain, and/or minor cuts and bruises, but others can be devastating. When people fall, they may break bones, injure their spine, hit their head and sustain a concussion, or exacerbate pre-existing conditions. These injuries can have a significant impact on their ability to work, require extensive treatment, and result in life-altering changes.

It is important to see a medical professional as soon as possible after a slip and fall accident so that you have an understanding of how serious your injuries may be.

Is Walgreens responsible for every accident that happens in the store?

Under O.C.G.A. § 51-3-1, Walgreens is only responsible for accidents that happen in the store if:

  • The dangerous condition that caused the fall was due to the actions of the store’s employees.
  • Store employees knew of the dangerous condition and did not fix or remedy it.
  • The hazard existed for long enough that store employees should have known about it.
  • There were no cautions or warnings to let customers know about the hazard.

Not every fall is Walgreens’ responsibility. For example, it may not be the store’s fault if you came in with wet shoes because of rain and failed to use the store’s entry mat to wipe your feet (unless the store neglected to put down a floor mat or wet floor sign). Nor would it be the store’s fault if you (or another customer) dropped a bottle of water and fell in it before the employees were informed of the spill.

What happens if I do decide to bring a claim?

If your injuries are serious and you let the store know right away what happened, an insurer for Walgreens may approach you and ask for a recorded statement about your injuries and the accident. This is for their benefit, not yours; you should not agree to this without the advice and counsel of an attorney from The Champion Firm, P.C.

Your attorney’s job is to gather all available evidence (such as surveillance video), interview witnesses, and prepare the best case possible for you to receive compensation for the damages you suffered. While the hope is always that a case can settle reasonably, this does not always happen.

Assuming that your claim is not settled and the case goes to court, Walgreens will have the opportunity to defend itself; this is where the evidence your attorney collected will be most relevant. The store will likely claim that you failed to exercise “reasonable care;” if they can prove this, it will harm your case significantly. Do not take chances when your health and future are on the line. Contact us at The Champion Firm, P.C., in Atlanta, Georgia, today at 404-596-8655.